Traditional Home in the jungle, grass roof, bamboo – Primitive Survival Tool

Bamboo framed House

Have you seen bamboo trees? they are grown largely in especially South East Asia. In Cambodia, bamboo trees are very versatile. The leaves can be used for wrapping cake, the root can be food ingredients for Asians, and the trees can be chopped down and used as floating boats, or even building a house.

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Bamboo framed house is very simple. Ancient people might have had some ideas of building something so simple. They used bamboo, and grass roof to build a very interesting tree house in a forest. They stand them together, and put walls of grass around it , and then they erect the roof up.

Additional Design Idea for Bamboo , grass, thatched roof Jungle House

As people start laying out the design, there are some consideration that needed to be made, the size of the house, the stories of the house. You might think that the house won’t be able to build higher, but actually, they people are so smart that they are capable of using only bamboo to build so amazing tree house in a forest.

We are the next generation that our new ideas are always born.  There should be new ideas for the bamboo houses. For example, you might want to try attaching the bamboo house and grass roof house upper to a bigger tree and take some advantages of the space of the trees. You might think of building a place where you can put up a hammock, your own kitchen. However, you have to be careful about fire in your house because every is from wood, and wood catch fire pretty easily.

Video Tutorials:

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