Creative House Decoration Design DIY Project – IDY Paper Craft

Building Models

Have you seen building models ? Sometimes students or designers have to spend lots of money on materials that they can use to build their building projects. Here , we show you a very simple, but very creative design home-scape model. You can see wonderful floor and a swimming pool surrounding by beautiful gardens.  We used paper for this building model.

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Extra materials you might need

To build a similar model we have here, your house decoration design will need different features such as stairs, swings, tables, or chairs. As you can see in the model, you just need tongue depressors. We collected several of them, enough to build different items in the home decoration.

However, we don’t recommend that you have to follow every details like measurements , what shown in the video tutorial is just to give you some ideas of the prototypes , and then you can come up with your creative to build a similar paper home design.

Adding more features to your home design

Since our model doesn’t have wall, you might wanna come up with more to add up the beauty of your home decoration. With your paints in place, you should be able to build an amazing and creative home model with swimming pool  . I am more confident that once you finish this building decoration home project model, some students in engineering majors will take this ideas , because this will cost them cheaper from accessing other materials.


Video Tutorials:

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