How to Make Plastic Binder or Plastic Closer Tool from Homemade Materials

Hey, guys,  have you heard “Plastic Binder”? Fine, if you haven’t.  You might have your plastic bags at home that you want to recycle them for later use. There is an creative way that you can turn your plastic bags at home into a vacuum bag to keep your food ‘s from spoils, to keep insects away, or even to keep the bad smells out in your fridge.

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Check out this video and follow every step.  With this creative inventions, you can do it by using a few items such as , tongue depressors, battery, start buttons, and some glues.  Be patient, creating a homemade plastic binder might be a bit tedious , but it is worth giving it a try.

Hey, you might not find this free plastic closer available in the market yet, but you need to learn how to build it.

Enjoy the watching of  how this Plastic Binder be made , and don’t forget to try this creative way at home and make sure you have got what you need.

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