Creative Way to Make a Compass from Magnet

Amazing compass you can build

Have you ever been lost in a forest or somewhere where you don’t know you don’t know the directions whether it is West, North , South, or East? In this today technology, a compass can be simply found in your smart phones. What if you have no access to your smart phone, but just a little piece of magnet? Yes, your amazing compass can be built.

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Let us show you how you can build one simple compass at no cost.

No cost to build your Super Cool Compass.

Well, it might sounds ridiculous, but it is true if you can just have one magnet , and a simple lunch plastic box. Cut it just little piece as shown in the video tutorial. However you first need to have another compass so that you can test your cool magnet -because it always point to North directs. Go ahead and use your pen or pencil to mark , North, West, South, and East according.

Float your compass on water and see where the magnet will point to , and mark it. It’s pretty simple, isn’t ?

Well, you will be amazing once you learn more about directions, North , West, South, and East. Some may take it for granted. You won’t learn it till you know what it cost you when you get lost.

So, I suggest that you come and learn something very simple before your ignorance can cost you


Video Tutorials:

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