Installing Magnetic Switch for Automate Electricity Control at Home

Automatic Magnetic Switch

Have you ever wondered a light bulb is automatically turned on once you enter within a certain range close to it? What about opening a fridge’s door? have you wondered why the light is automatically turned on? Today, we wanted to reveal the myth that you might be surprised. It is not rocket science about this automatic light bulb.

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How Magnetic switch work automatically?

The metal arm will attract once the movable magnet is moved close to it because the end of the arm can contact with the switch contact. It also has magnetic clamps. Once the magnet move, it will hold the arm in place.

Practical Application of Automatically magnetic switch

You probably don’t need to understand everything about it in order to use it. You can go ahead and order a whole set from online store and learn how to use it. Follow the video of the magnetic switch. The cool thing about the switch is that once you open your cloth cabinet, the LED light bulb will automatically turned on , and you don’t have to press anything, because you move one of arm in the switch.

It depends on the quality of the product you get it from. Better one will last longer. It won’t be that expensive. You can take a control of your house with using this cool stuff.

Have fun.

Video Tutorials:

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