How to make Paper Bike with Your Homemade Materials at Home for Your Kids

There might be plenty of toy bikes that your children attempt to purchase from the market. Some can cost in a range from 5 bucks to 10 bucks depending on the types you wanted to buy.  Check this out, an amazing paper bike that you can build yourself for free. You can make it from scratch, simple materials.

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So, what is paper bike? As what it is called, the toy bike that is made from paper.  Yet, you might see how you can come up with the two wheels , the front and the back. Just take a look at the video if you can tell what they are made from. Did you get it?  Well, let me reveal the truth about this paper bike’s wheels.  They are made from two bottle caps putting together with glue.

So, get ready , you need paper, you need a sketch, you need bottle caps, and some glue. Watch the video tutorial Step by step, and build a very nice and amazing paper bike. Don’t forget to color your paper bike in a stylish color. Show us what you have built, and share it to others.

Have fun, and enjoy with this creative invention , PAPER BIKE !

Video Tutorials:

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