How to Make Amazing Wooden Racing Car by Your Own

Are you low with your budget to get your kids a toy car? . You don’t really need an expensive toy car. Here , we found that you can build a free wooden racing car by yourself.

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I guess all the materials that you need are , tongue depressors, glues, and your own customized wheels and chassis bars. I am sure you guys will different ideas to build a toy for your children. Creativity does save us money.

If you notice that your child enjoys playing a race car, there might be some chances that he or she might be interested to work with cars in the future. Start by help them assemble the simple but creative free wooden racing car. Do not just show him or her, but involve them, they will get it.

Let us know if you have successfully assembled your awesome creative tongue depressor racing car or even with your new creative ideas.

Video Tutorials:

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