How to Make Foam Cutter Plastic Cutter at Home for Your DIY Project

Have you wondered how Styrofoam board is cut? You don’t need an expensive tools to make this foam cutter. In fact, you can build it yourself at home. This creative invention can help you get a cool tool to design any creative things at your preference.

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What are you waiting for? if this is what fascinates you, go ahead and find 9.v Alkaline battery, chopsticks, small piece of wire, starting button, and some glue. Just make sure that you don’t work on this under the heat of the sun. Do it indoor, and follow the video instruction.

Styrofoam board cutter can be built with simple things, and you don’t really need sophisticated device when this creative way can help you build a free home foam cutter.

Have fun with your project at home ,

Video Tutorials:

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