Creative Way to Make Super Strong Toy Car for Your Kids

It is time to make your homemade super cool lorry’s truck for your kids. Forget about all those remote control which you will have to spend some cash. With this simple amazing creative kid’s truck, your kids will love them more than anything else.

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Follow the video tutorials, get all the tools you need such as 9v. battery, good number of tongue depressors, some gun glue, some little wheels, and good design motor generated power by 9v. battery. You can frame them right with your preference, your homemade super truck will be amazing. Hey, don’t forget to place a big coca-cola can on the top of it , and a heavy one, lol. Your super truck will look like an American dump truck, or logistics lorry or something.

It would be awesome to have them run on smooth surface because the wheels you have might not fit well with crook roads. Remember that your  creative super strong truck doesn’t have remote control, so make sure that you can run after it because your 9v. battery can accelerate it fast.

Have fun and enjoy your perfect design of super strong toy truck for your kids at home.

Video Tutorials:

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