Make Your Own Paper Flower with Creative Way and Fresh

Decoration with paper Flower

Flowers can make our feeling fresh. You will be surprised how your feeling will change once your eyes turn to beautiful paper flowers. It is time to start making your beautiful and fresh flowers at home from scratch.

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Materials You need

Making homemade paper flowers doesn’t require a lot of materials as you can see in the video. You will have to choose your favorite color of the paper. We recommend that you find different color with A4 size. Grab your scissors , and glues, and some plastic jewelry to add more features to your flowers. You then need to follow some step along with your own creative ideas. You should be able to achieve amazing  paper flower.

Paper flower at your study

Some studies show that learning environment is very important for students to learn. Your your beautiful paper flowers can make your stud room more inviting to learn. Make as many flowers as you can , and place them at different spots.

Don’t forget to place some photos close to the flowers, and we guarantee that every time you look at your flower, and the photo, you will smile. Once you smile , your feeling will be blessed.

Enjoy your paper flowers

Video Tutorials:

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