How to Make a Solar Powered Car by Computer Mouse

Wow! What a wonderful way of enjoying your life by building something very easy, yet so interesting; it is a solar toy car built from a computer mouse along with some simple materials. Not a mouse which is scary to many of us, but it is a cute computer mouse which might be broken and you don’t have to throw it away. Let’s turn it into a nice solar toy car for kids which is a way of saving your money from buying expensive toys for your beloved kids.

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It’s going to be one of your most favorite toys as well as a solar toy for kids which can be easily built from a little solar panel. With our clear, yet simple instruction, you can make this great solar toy for kids. So why not?

Now you can have an opportunity to create your own solar toy as well as to explore how solar power works. So stop waiting, and get ready to be amazed with the solar energy and solar power by checking this video about how to make a solar powered car by computer mouse.

Video Tutorials:

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