Create an Amazing Compass from your homemade materials

Oh no, I’m lost! I don’t know which direction it is I’m heading. You may have that experience during your fun trip somewhere and it really annoys you and the whole trip. You know what you need to at least help you know the four directions. Now after watching this video clip, you can create an amazing compass from your homemade materials which is a Micro Version you can carry with you anywhere. You can make compasses by yourself now by watching our make-compass tutorials.

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With easy steps and simple stuff such as paper, a ruler, a pencil compass, and so on, this video will bring an amazing-homemade compass for you. In addition, you don’t just make compasses at home, but you can learn and share how compasses work with your siblings or friends. Wouldn’t they be amazed?

Just click and watch our Free compass tutorials, and homemade compass tutorials, you will learn a creative way to create a compass by yourself. It is the best way to create compasses by yourself. This scientific experiment will be a great lesson for you as well as others to create your own compass at home. Let’s start!!!

Video Tutorials:

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