How Magnetic Switch Works

What is magnetic witch?

Once the magnetic field touches, it creates electrical switch. This is called magnetic switch. The cool thing about this is that they are also able to function in water.

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What is Reed switch?

It is pretty technical to explain everything about this science and how it works. Basically, you might notice in electricity or in electrical devices, there seems to be only two switches , on and off. First of all, when a finger presses “On”, the program will execute the command. On the other hand, once the “Off” functions on the opposite affect , then it functions as the opposite role. This is the whole principle behind the reed switch.

The world has adopted this technology and development at decent cost in mobile phones or in railway system. It is a bit complicated to explain everything. I wish I were more able to simply everything for you to understand.

Advantages of Magnet in Daily Life

One of the demonstration here, you can see how magnetic works. You should be wondering and be curious more how we apply the magnet in our real life. You might see some cool stuff and the two magnets can come together, but where else that magnets can be used.

Even in Hard Drive, Cell-phone, Torches, and many other commodities in our life, we do need them. Thanks to the discovery of the magnet. The existence of this invention has modernized our human beings and saved so many lives. We leave it at your passion to find out more about magnet.

Video Tutorials:

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