Easy Crop Protection Method from Ant and Insects

Struggles with insects or ants on plants

Some farmers face problems when their hard work start to produce fruit. Most of the issues they face are ants and insects who love to eat the fruit. There might be different ways that people try out. Some might work well while some might work less.

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Here, you can see some simple ways of preventing your crops from being eaten or damaging by ants or inspects.

The truth about ants

Actually, ants climb up your trees or your plants. They don’t have wing to fly. You see where they start from? they don’t start from the top. They come from the bottom of the trunk. Therefore, preventing them from going up to eat the fruit, you have to decide where to stop them. Here, we use something a bit sticky, or smelly, and wrap them in any stems you feel that the ants come from. Once their legs stick , they don’t want to risk their lives to climb up to target your crops.

Removing sick leaves

As you see in the video, we remove some bad or sick leaves and use them as mulch to cover the soil of the trees. This way can create more microorganisms for the plants. Your plants will be healthy and by applying the mulch, the grass will find it hard to grow.

Video Tutorials:

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