How to Make Rubber Air Craft for Your Kids by Your Own

Selecting a fun toy for your kids can be hard sometimes. In this video, you should see an amazing free fly aircraft. It is pretty simple to assemble. You can build without even watching this video.

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The thing about this cool homemade flying aircraft is that , there are quite a few design and options available on Aliexpress market. The price is super cheap. I have checked it , it is just 1.80 cents. On AliExpress, you can just search for “Creative Rubber Band Powered Gilder plane..”, You should get to see many different prototypes.

Trust me , you don’t want to spend lots of money on expensive toys when you can creatively make your free fly aircraft at home. Kids throw away toys easily when they get sick and tired of it and always demand new things. therefore, it is wise to purchase something that cost you less. Moreover, show your kids this video how to build this super cool air craft. Your kids will have more questions about how it works. There, you have opportunity to guild them to education.

So, have fun with your creative rubber band powered aircraft.

Video Tutorials:

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