How to Create Powerful Homemade Compressor Gun for Kid’s Toy

Are you interested in shooting weapons? Here , we have invented something amazing which can blow your mind. It’s called air gun from your used pen. Wow! how does it sounds to you? homemade compressor gun, don’t throw your pen away, with this amazing idea. You can turn your simple pen into a power air gun , and shoot your target , your avocado. Make sure you don’t shoot too much or you won’t have your healthy fruit to eat. I am just kidding.

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Your tools are , some stick as your bullets, tissues to block airs , your empty and used pen, knife to cut things, and some water. That’s probably it, but of course get all other tools you need in order to make your amazing air gun more interesting, and creative.

This video tutorials has been created to help you guys stir up your creative ideas, and initiate more, homemade projects. We encourage that you look at video projects to learn cool creative stuff, things that you can decorate at home.

The coolest thing is that you don’t need spend a lot of money to develop most of the home creative projects that we have brought you.

Have fun, and enjoy!

Video Tutorials:

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