How to make Fly Trap at home easily to catch hundreds of fly in days

Do you live to any areas with lots of bothering flies? If you do, here you can try out building fly trap at home or where it needs. The flies trap is pretty simple to build. The most important thing is that it is almost free of charge, you don’t need to buy lots of materials to build this homemade flies trap.

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You will need two empty a quarter liter bottle of water, a pair of scissors , thread, and a tool to poke your bottles. then you will also need clothe clipper to hang your thread. Your flies trap also need a bait , just like other traps. You need a bait to lure the enemy to get in. Here , I guess you can be creative with your flies trap. Your bait can be anything to trap the flies. Something smelly or something that attract them in.

You can actually skip the video tutorial to the end to see the effective result. With the best creative way to build your flies trap, you will drown lots of flies at home or at your shops.

Don’t forget to let us know how many flies you have got at home?

Video Tutorials:

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