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Building your DIY remote control Excavator Loader for your kids

Kids love playing with toy cars, and toy robots especially when they see something that they can remotely control excavator. Things that move also attract their attention. Whatever they see on T.V might be something that they will be excited when they them in their real life.

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Design your loader excavators

Depending on how big you want your loader to be. You might want to design your toy excavator ‘s board bigger than on this video. Remember that everything has to be fit with their size.

We suggest that you design your loader truck with simple and smaller materials.

The tricks behind

Your remote loader excavator myth is all about playing with chain sprockets. Do you know what they are? it is the piece that attach the movement , and connect the chain to the other end so that your the whole board can move.

Materials you may need

As you can see in the video, you will need a screw driver to bolt and unbolt. You will also need chassis with wheels, and several size of chain sprockets. You probably can access the ready-made board, and all you have to do is to customize your loader to meet your preference.

9.v battery will also be used to supply energy, and the hard part is the remote control chip which is hard to explain in English term. You should be able to get some ideas of how it work.

Other materials as shown in the video should be prepared, and used as needed.

Go ahead and try with your own design to see if you can build a DYI remote control excavator loader truck.

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