How to Create Your Own RC Remote Control from Customized DIY Materials

Hey , guys, check this out. The car remote control. It looks pretty simple. You will need several pieces of things especially the ones that I am not sure who you guys can call them. This car remote control will be amazed after you build and if it works.

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You will need a couple of things like clothe clippers ,  some chips as shown on the video. Those items are paused so you know where and what they are to access them. In order to make this great toys for your kids, you need to add power to this invention. You may take 9-v batteries. Probably, you need one or two of them.

Make sure that you follow every steps, and if you do have questions, feel free to ask. Your kids will love to play with this cool remote control. You might have different designs for your remote control. It doesn’t matter. Just keep trying to make it work, which is more important.

If you have anything to contribute to better design of this remote control, please let us know and who this wonderful car remote control to friends.

Have fun!

Video Tutorials:

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